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Modern Walnut and Brass Coffee Table

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We've been working on the design for a minimal and very modern coffee table base for a few months now. It uses three identical bias cut hardwood legs that interconnect in a sort of puzzle and are then locked in place with decorative pins. The removable pins the table base to be disassembled for shipping, storage, or moving. Using thick pieces of hardwood and a thick glass top. the table should be stable and sturdy.

First I mocked up the design in sketchup.

I did the math to figure that for a 16" table height I would need to make each leg about 31" before being cut on the bias.

With this info I went through the wood I had available and found a nice piece of walnut just long enough for the task and headed to the shop.

Added a 1/2" 36" round glass top.

At Christmas.

With our old displaced coffee table covered in fiddle leaves :)

You can order a modern coffee table from us via our Etsy Store!

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